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Flexible Nylon Scorpion from Black Magic 3D Black Magic 3D Scorpion (Flexible) Nylon, 400 grams

Resilent flexible nylon with fantastic interlayer adhesion

Price: $29.99
Magnetic PLA 3d printing filament Ferro-Magnetic PLA - 1.75 mm, 350 grams

A iron based PLA filament that is attracted to magnetic fields.

Price: $39.99
G6-Impact Graphene 3D Printing HIPS Filament G6-Impact HIPS-Carbon Fiber-Graphene Filament 350g

Exceptional shock mitigation and vibrational damping performance

List Price: $40.00
Price: $40.00
Conductive Graphene 3D Printing PLA Filament Conductive Graphene PLA Filament 100g

Graphene-enhanced for superior conductivity and improved mechanical properties

Price: $100.00
Conductive Thermoplastic Graphene/PLA Pellets Conductive Thermoplastic Graphene/PLA Pellets

PLA/Graphene Conductive Pellets

Price: $175.00