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Nylon 645 Filament, 1Lb (Taulman)
Nylon 645 Filament, 1Lb (Taulman)


The #1 high strength 3D Printing material of Choice used by 100's of Industrial customers worldwide. The industrial community made requests for a higher strength nylon, as well as a polymer that was easier to evaluate in the final part/print. This provides a high degree of transparency. Nylon 645 is the established industry standard for high strength, high durability 3D Printing. Nylon 645 is a 65% transparent white color. It has a higher strength than 618 and is about 20% less pliable. 645 will dye with acid based dyes. Even though the polymer is less pliable, it maintains the slippery surface feature of nylons. Also as a nylon 6T variant, clumping is almost non-existent. 645 is a preferred polymer when parts to be printed will be subject to high stresses. As an extremely durable polymer, it handles stress at elevated temperatures. Depending on use, as high as 160C. 645 has the same chemical resistance as 618, but has 20% more resistance to chlorines.

Taulman Nylon Glue ComPleteCompatible with Taulman ComPlete Nylon Glue
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Description Printing Parameters Spool Size
  • Ultra-high tensile strength material
  • Has been confirmed to print without fault in a range of FFF 3D printers
  • Excellent Bridging
  • Excellent transparency
  • 1 lb