Graphene-HIPS Filament 400g
Graphene/HIPS-400 3D Printing Filament

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Our new filament, Graphene-HIPS-400, is a hi-tech engineered FDM material enhanced with graphene made for high precision 3D printing.This filament is semi flexible, with high impact resistance. It also has an improved interlayer adhesion providing an excellent mechanical performance for 3D printed objects.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with most FDM 3D printers
  • Semiflexible
  • Great weather and temperature resistance
  • Improved interlayer adhesion
  • Perfect for 3D printing mechanical components

HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) polymer used as hosting matrix is a resilient, tough polymer. Graphene nanoplatelets is used as filler which enhances the filament's mechanical performance by adding to its tensile strength, impact, and wear resistance. Unlike PLA, this material is weather and temperature resilient and can be used in indoor/outdoor spaces.

Printing Parameters:

Nozzle Temperature: 195 deg C
Layer Thickness: 0.1 - 0.2 mm
Printing Speed: 2500 mm/min
Outline Overlap: 15%-20%
Heated Bed (optional): 80 deg C


Diameter: 1.75 mm (±0.07 mm); 3.00 mm

Weight: 400 grams

Color: Black (Silver/Matte finish)

Base Resin: HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene)

Volume resistivity: not electrically conductive

Improved UV stability (suitable for outdoor use)


Our filament is shipped in a vacuum-sealed package with a desiccant packet. Filaments should be stored in a dry environment away from dust and other particulates. User should avoid extended exposure to moisture. We recommend storing in an enclosed container with a desiccant packet. 3D printers, especially their nozzles, should always be maintained, and be cleaned before and after the use of Graphene-HIPS-400 to avoid complications during printing. Albeit the Graphene-HIPS-400 isn’t toxic if used as intended. However, users must work in well ventilated areas, wash their hands before and after use of Graphene-HIPS-400 and do not ingest or bring it in contact with eyes, food or beverages. Please, refer to SDS for more information. Interested in our HIPS filament in pelletized form or other custom projects?

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