G6-Impact HIPS-Carbon Fiber-Graphene Filament 350g
G6-Impact Graphene 3D Printing HIPS Filament

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G6-Impact™ filament is a new promising addition to our rapidly expanding line of functional FDM materials. G6-Impact™ is strong with some degree of flexibility and exceptional shock mitigation and vibrational damping performance.The unique synergetic performance of graphene and carbon fibers will expand your capabilities far beyond what used to be possible by helping you 3D print high precision objects with great vibration damping performance while at the same time maintaining bearing capacity and high impact resistance.

This filament was formulated to allow you to 3D print using almost any commercially available desktop FDM/FFF 3D printer. However, please keep in mind that this material was designed for performance in highly demanding engineering applications rather than for everyday 3D printing. Thus, 3D printing parameters for this material are slightly different from conventional FDM filaments. We kindly advise to adhere to recommendations below to achieve optimal damping performance.

We are currently offering this product on our sister website, Graphene Laboratories, Inc. Click here to purchase this product:
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Printing Parameters:
In order to benefit from the high vibration damping performance of our material we recommend to print objects using 100% infill.
Objects printed with different infill, will lack desired performance. Recommended extruder temperature: 230 °C (210°-230°C working range) Recommended platform temperature: 60 °C (20-80°C heated bed - optional) Recommended print speed: 2400 mm/min Nozzle size: > 0.5 mm Infill: 100% Feed Rate:120%

G6-Impact™ filament was tested using a direct drive 3D printing extruder. We do not guarantee that our filament will be compatible with non-direct drive 3D printers, such as delta models. Care after Printing: Promptly remove the filament from the nozzle. Always put your filament into a water proof air tight bag. Avoid contact with humidity and dust. Desiccants are strongly recommended for use.


  • Diameter: 1.75 mm (±0.07 mm)
  • Weight: 350 grams
  • Color: Black (Silver/Matte finish)
  • Base Resin: HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene)
  • Carbon Fibers/Graphene: 20%
  • Hardness: Shore 74D (injection molded), 65-70D - 3D printed
  • Volume resistivity: not electrically conductive
  • Improved UV stability ( suitable for outdoor use)

Mechanical Properties (Test results provided by an independent test facility):





HIPS Resin



Improvement, %

Storage Modulus

GPa (psi)

D 638

1.3 (191,000)

5.7 (836,000)


Tensile strength

MPa (psi)

D 638

25.9 (3,770)

34 (4,940)


Izod impact strength, (notched)

ft-lbs/in (J/m)

D 256

0.8 (42.9)

1.61 (85.9)


Applications: Vibrational Damping and Shock Protection

Damping is the energy dissipation property of material that reflects its ability to convert mechanical energy to thermal energy. The amount of energy dissipated is the measure of material damping ability. Vibration damping is highly beneficial in eliminating noise in structural, optical and electronic components. The G6-Impact™material is also available in pelleted form which can be best utilized for injection molding, extrusion or thermoforming.

The G6-Impact™material will deliver benefits in multiple everyday use gadgets like smartphones, cameras, and laptop computers where interconnections can be destroyed or weakened due to vibrations caused by moving internal parts or external stress and shock. Similarly, G6-Impact™ can be used for stabilization of sensitive scientific instruments, optical holders, microscope and laser mounts and pads.

In automotive, military and aviation industries, G6-Impact™ can reduce vehicle and in-flight vibrations, and can be used as base material for cable and equipment mounts and platforms. Moreover, G6-Impact™ will be useful in industrial setting to reduce vibrations in bearing and structures. Thermoformed tiles can used to reduce noise and vibrations from heavy machinery etc. It can also be employed in tool handles, protective seals and mats, and construction footwear.Sporting gears made out of G6-Impact™ may include golf club and baseball bat handles, where vibrational shock to joints leads to trauma and fatigue.

Pliable G6-Impact™ impact material is highly machinable and can be drilled through, cut, screwed or polished. It is very malleable and will sustain a great deal of hammering and pressure deformation in a way similar to metals before failure. Also, inserting a layer of G6-Impact™ may protect other adhesive substrates from debonding or delamination due to vibrations by enhancing overall lifetime and integrity of the objects. This unique property perfectly fills the niche where catastrophic/instant failure is not an option. Its damping properties expand through a large temperature range (-40 oC to 90oC) setting apart and making it highly suitable to extreme conditions both indoors and outdoors. Please contact us if any further guidance is needed in that respect.

Our filament is shipped in a vacuum-sealed package with a desiccant packet. Filaments should be stored in a dry environment away from dust and other particulates. User should avoid extended exposure to moisture. We recommend storing in an enclosed container with a desiccant packet. 3D printers, especially their nozzles, should always be maintained, and be cleaned before and after the use of G6-Impact™ Filament to avoid complications during printing. The G6-Impact™ isn’t toxic if used as intended. However, users must work in well ventilated areas, wash their hands before and after use of G6-Impact material and do not ingest or bring it in contact with eyes, food or beverages. Please, refer to SDS for more information. Interested in our HIPS filament in pelletized form or other custom projects?

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